INKMADE by Fariha Wajid




40.00 80.00

34" x 74"

70% modal 30% silk
Ethically sourced fabric from India

During a weekend getaway to northern Michigan, I fell in love with the waters of Lake Michigan as the waves gushed with breathtaking shades of blue. After hiking up to a high elevation on one of the trails, the subtle gradient of the blue water and the formation of the waves immediately took my attention. The views of the water, the scent of the trees surrounding the lake, and the sound of the waves moving back and forth gave a sense of tranquility I have never experienced before. The Wave scarf is an abstract geometric simplification of my views of Lake Michigan from far above.

Each scarf is individually printed by hand by silk screen printers in New York. Due to the handmade nature of the scarves, no two scarves will ever have the exact same print. Some markings and differences in color occur during the printing process. Scroll down to view images of this scarf being printed.

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Printing Process

INKMADE Wave Process
INKMADE Wave Process