INKMADE by Fariha Wajid




40.00 80.00

34" x 74"

70% modal 30% silk
Ethically sourced fabric from India

During a hike in Wisconsin, I could feel the uneven texture of the trail through my boots. While the Midwest is known to have nothing but flat land, I enjoyed the gradual slopes of the trail I was on. All I wanted in that moment was to enjoy the freshness of the air and the simple slopes of the path. The trail was quiet and secluded. There was nothing but the terrain beneath me and the wind touching my face as I stepped forward. 

Wear this scarf as you explore new terrain on your travels. Whether it be a thousand miles from home or a new route to your neighborhood coffee shop, remember the simple elements of the environment that make each moment pleasurable. 

Each scarf is individually printed by hand by silk screen printers in New York. Due to the handmade nature of the scarves, no two scarves will ever have the exact same print. Some markings and differences in color occur during the printing process. Scroll down to view images of this scarf being printed.

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Printing Process

INKMADE Terrain Process
INKMADE Terrain Process