INKMADE by Fariha Wajid




40.00 80.00

34" x 74"

70% modal 30% silk
Ethically sourced fabric from India

My husband and I moved to a small area right outside of Chicago after I graduated from architecture school. After a few weeks, we realized there was a variety of midcentury modern houses in our area. We decided to do a little research and found a list of all of the midcentury modern houses in our neighborhood. We drove around, discussing the beauty of each house and learned more about our neighborhood through its architectural history. It was such a fun way of getting to know the area we now call home. While we researched the architects and their work, I sketched a pattern inspired by the geometry of breeze blocks, a common feature of midcentury homes. The colors of the pattern were inspired by the bright reds and oranges of textiles and furniture from this time period. 

Each scarf is individually printed by hand by silk screen printers in New York. Due to the handmade nature of the scarves, no two scarves will ever have the exact same print. Some markings and differences in color occur during the printing process.

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