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About Fariha

Fariha with her husband, Afroz

I started INKMADE after I hand block printed a scarf for a product design class in architecture school. After graduating, I became intrigued by traditional printing methods, such as block printing and silk screen printing. INKMADE eventually transformed into the product of my experimentations and studies of the printing process, creating patterns, and sharing my love for handmade, ethically produced textiles and paper goods. 

Since my professional background is in architecture, my designs began as those inspired by historical works of architecture from all around the world. I try not to limit myself anymore. The simple strokes of a brush, the light seeping through a window, the formations found in nature: I’m inspired by it all. Each INKMADE product is a result of my experiences while traveling, reading, playing, and experimenting. From silk screen prints, to watercolor works, and everything in between, INKMADE is a journal of products inspired by the simple beauties I take in everyday. INKMADE has been featured on ChicagoInno, IMadeThat, and I have presented about INKMADE at PechaKucha in Chicago.

INKMADE is a one woman company with the support of my husband, family, friends, and printers that are so near and dear to my heart. I design and create in my home studio (with my baby girl by my side), located right outside of Chicago, Illinois. I work with printers and fabric manufacturers abroad and in the U.S. to create the products. All of my products are printed in small batches with attention to craft and detail. Each and every person that has supported INKMADE means so much to me. Thank you for supporting my brand and for making it possible.

A special thank you to Katerina Burianova for the front page photo and Mushira Ali for the photo above.

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Fariha Wajid
Founder and Designer


Students at the Kachra Kundi School in Karachi, Pakistan. © Kelly Wenzel for Photographers Without Borders

Students at the Kachra Kundi School in Karachi, Pakistan. © Kelly Wenzel for Photographers Without Borders

Everyone in the world should have access to proper medical care and a great education, no matter what their financial status may be. That's why a portion of my profits go toward funding the following health and education causes:

• Maternity Center in Sierra Leone, Africa
• Elementary and High School in Karachi, Pakistan
• Elementary School in Tanobaose, Ghana

Your purchase will help INKMADE take small steps to help those in need attain these basic necessities. I am proud to work with Thaakat Foundation to benefit these causes. Thaakat Foundation is a 501(c)(3) government recognized not-for-profit organization. Thaakat Foundation's mission is to empower, inspire and promote charitable giving and volunteer work among students and young professionals, while pushing for curiosity and care of global society. 

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